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Bathroom Remodeling in Champaign, IL – 1 Day Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re thinking about changing the look and feel of your bathroom, make sure to not rush the process, because it’s a big decision that could significantly affect your home’s value. While there is no easy way to go about revamping a room, the skill and know-how of Re-Bath’s design professionals make the process both easy and quick to complete.

Re-Bath’s Champaign, IL Bathroom Remodeling Selections

There are many different choices to be made when starting this process and how those changes are made is entirely up to you. For those who are extra motivated, a bathroom project might include changing the entire room’s style, which includes everything from shower heads to floor tile patterns and room colors. Another approach would be to go for a smaller, simpler change such as a single bathtub to shower conversion, or a faucet redesign. While these tasks might seem difficult, our expertise lets us complete them with no difficulty. We have more than 1000 bath molds at our offices, allowing any needed bathtub changes to be custom made to your exact bath’s shape. Also, our approach to changing your bathtub to a shower is so innovative that an installation can take place very quickly. Re-Bath’s Champaign, IL bathroom remodeling services offer an accommodating, client-focused bath remodeling experience, and we will gladly address any questions or concerns you may have. In case you’re feeling uncertain on the rate for the renovations you would like to do, please fill out our online form to receive a free price quote.

What to Think About When Starting a Bathroom Renovation

If you need help getting started on your bath remodeling process, a couple of important areas to consider thinking about are the design of the room and the amount of free space you have in it. A bathroom is a place you visit daily, so it’s important that you feel at ease when you’re there. Look to fill it with pleasing wall/floor colors, and aim to change your sink or bathtub in a way that will make them both easier to clean and aesthetically pleasant as well. Additionally, it would be a good idea to think about objects and areas of the bathroom that would be hard to alter, and features that would be simpler to alter. Changing the positioning of an object like a toilet or faucet could be tough because it’s challenging to change where plumbing pipes are in a house. However, it wouldn’t be as tough to change a sink bowl from granite to marble, or to redesign a bathtub into a shower. Re-Bath of Champaign IL will happily help you with all bath remodeling issues, but it’s valuable to know what kind of room you’d be looking for first. Please visit our parent site to access the Online Bathroom Remodeling Tool, where you will be able to pick a variety of Re-Bath designs, and make as many changes to a virtual bathroom as you desire.

1 Day Bathroom Remodeling Currently Offered in Champaign, IL Offices

In case you have a deadline for your renovation project and you’re curious how much time it could take, the majority of the projects we complete only require one day, no matter how big your room is.

You can either use our online form to contact us for a no-cost bathroom remodeling quote, or you can contact our Champaign showroom at (217) 359-8827 with any questions you might have.


405 S. Neil
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 359-8827

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